Postcards from Paradise- Shipping to be determined

Postcards from Paradise- Shipping to be determined

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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Postcards From Paradise

“The perfect card force.” -Michael Ammar 

“This fools them badly. I love it.” -Andy Nyman

“One of the greatest tricks ever invented.” -Larry Becker

The Essential Effect:

You take 54 gorgeous vintage postcards from an aged carrying box. Each postcard is shown to feature destinations from all around the world. You also show a prediction held in an envelope, box, frozen in a block of ice, etc. (This is limited only by your imagination.) An audience member takes the postcards in their own hands, mixes them and cuts them into two piles. You offer a bin for them to toss away either pile, a completely free choice. They mix and cut the remaining cards into another two piles and toss either one away. Again there is no force of piles or interference by you in any of these selections. Left with a small handful of postcards, you ask the participant touch the one they feel most drawn to - and without a switch or move you place the one they choose into their hands. In fact they can even hold their finger on their chosen postcard and not remove it at any time. The participant turns the postcard over themselves to reveal the destination. Your prediction, that has been left in full view, mailed months in advance or kept safe in local bank vault, is finally unveiled to show a 100% match!

Key Features:

  • Packs small and plays big.
  • Perform it close up and surrounded.
  • Perform it for large audiences.
  • Takes seconds to reset.
  • No special staging, clothing requirements
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • It can all happen in the spectators hands.
  • Completely free choice with no magicians choice,
  • No switch of the postcard or prediction.
  • 100% safe and bulletproof force you can bank on.

Postcards from Paradise comes with a set of 54 vintage postcards from destinations around the globe held inside a handsomely aged carrying box. Every set is constructed with the Smart Ass methodology built into it so you can force one particular destination with 100% accuracy. In addition to the typical destinations there are a few gag postcards that you can add to your set to break up the routine with moments of laughter. And while these look exactly like real vintage postcards, they are anything but real postcards! The finish, thickness and coatings on these cards are designed to be used in not hundreds - but thousands of shows.

Each set comes with a downloadable PDF of the force postcard image to use in your prediction revelation should you so desire. Postcards from Paradise is the perfect addition to your Nobrainer prediction or other similar type of revelation.

Reset from show to show is a breeze and only takes a few seconds. And if you work both, close-up in clients private homes as well as in large banquet halls in for hundreds of people, the postcards can play in all size venues with no angle issues or special staging to worry about.

Instant download instructional video featuring live performances, step-by-step handling and lots of ideas and options to spark your creativity is included.


*BONUS ROUTINE! Consummate professional magician Bruce Gold is sharing his full, script, detailed handling and multilayered routine entitled Ready for Takeoff with every purchaser of Postcards from Paradise. It’s a routine that involves airline cocktails, baggage claims and paper airplane predictions! Believe us - it’s brilliant. A fully detailed routine in PDF form will be included with your purchase of Postcards from Paradise.

Own this gorgeous tool with the bullet-proof force that’s so clean and convincing, they may believe you can actually predict the future!

*Postcards from Paradise is Bill Abbott Magic exclusive and not available anywhere else.