Nobrainer The Complete Solo Prediction System

Nobrainer The Complete Solo Prediction System

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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NO BRAINER - The Solo Prediction System 

“As mystery entertainers we’re not in the business of doing magic tricks. We are in the business of making indelible memories.” - Bill Abbott

The Closer
Audiences can easily recall the ending of a show. I wanted to create a powerful closer that made a personal and memorable impact. I wanted something that everyone would go home talking about, remembering for days, weeks, months and years to come. Many pros close their show with an impossible prediction because nothing else can follow it.

Practical Solutions
Large scale prediction effects have always been a challenge for the solo performer. Many popular methods involve backstage assistants, inconvenient pre-show work, a designated backstage area, complicated electronics, bulky strange-looking props and are quite expensive. 12 years ago I started working on a prediction closer to my own one-man show. I wanted a bulletproof method and process that would work in any environment. I also needed something that would travel easily and safely, and that was practical and sure-fire at every gig.

The No Brainer Solution 
Imagine performing a large scale, impossible prediction routine, without the use of an assistant or special staging. Imagine walking on cold and delivering a multiple revelation prediction that engages the largest of audiences and shatters the sharpest of minds. With Nobrainer you will appear to predict the future, anticipate the thoughts and choices of your audiences and add a killer new 10 min. routine to your show!

Peace of Mind
With Nobrainer you can relax and enjoy your experience onstage knowing that your closer will be a killer AND you aren’t relying on a backstage assistant, rechargeable batteries or wondering if everyone at the back of the venue will be able to see the final revelation.

The Trifecta Deception
Nobrainer utilizes what I’ve entitled the Trifecta Deception. The Trifecta Deception is a layering of multiple methods that effectively dismantles the audience’s deductive reasoning. Psychological subtleties, coercion and real time methodology all work to produce a prediction revelation that delivers 100%, every show!


Signed, Sealed & Delivered
Because of Nobrainer’s flexible method you can mail it to your client days or weeks before the show. Your client brings the sealed envelope directly onto the stage during the show and without a switch of the envelope or the prediction you reveal amazing prophecy after amazing prophecy to a stunned audience. Alternately you could have the prediction envelope suspended high above the performance area by a cord and strong clamp to be lowered and revealed at anytime during your show.


Add-On Advantage
If you already have a more complex prediction system, that works for most gigs, Nobrainer will provide a good alternative when you don't have the luxury to perform with an assistant or have the right venue conditions. Nobrainer is a tool to build upon and offers a lot of flexibility with many useable ideas that can be adapted or added to most existing systems. Even if Nobrainer doesn’t replace your current show closer, it’s a useful system to have for special corporate performances or repeat clients where something fresh, customizable and mind-blowing is needed.


Completely Customizable
Every part of the Nobrainer prediction can be customized to suit your character, your act, or any special occasion. Nobrainer is something you can make uniquely your own and easily customize for a corporate event or a private celebration.


Travels Easily & Safely
Nobrainer travels easily and safely. The largest envelope used in the routine is 13” x 18” and fits in most show bags or carry on luggage. Included with the Nobrainer Pro Package is a black padded tool bag to carry everything necessary to make setting up a prediction on the road simple and hassle free.


8 Complete Routines with Full Scripts Included
Each routine is complete with scripted theme, jokes and detailed method. All the necessary props are included to perform any one of the routines of your choice, and anything additional is easy to get and affordable to purchase.


1. Blind Date If you’re already using Celebrity Smart Ass you’re going to LOVE the Blind Date routine. A spectator creates a blind date scenario and makes several very distinct and personal choices and finally selects her partner. The sealed prediction matches her choices EXACTLY!

2. Sin City Jackpot Audience members imagine walking through a casino and rolling invisible dice, spinning an imaginary roulette wheel and physically tossing cards to the ground from a 52 card deck ending up with a single choice. Every mental choice is shown to be predicted 100%!

3. Magical Mystery Tour  Audience members are asked to choose a departure time, random amount of spending money and location for an all-inclusive vacation! You not only anticipate every choice - your final prediction brings a hilarious twist ending to it all!

4. The Psychic Stranger   The tables are turned and an audience member is challenged to read YOUR mind. Random objects, numbers and words are called out by the spectator…your sealed prediction is indelible proof of their true psychic powers!

5. Dream Car  Based on Alan Shaxon’s original Confabulation routine audience members select the colour, make, model, the license plate numbers and letters of an imaginary car. Even the destination of a road trip taken in the car! Each choice has been predicted in complete detail!

6. Murder Mystery  Perfect for the right audience and event! Audience members choose a victim, a murderer, a murder weapon, time of death and a location where the body was discovered. All is predetermined on your prediction!

7. I’m In The Band  The audience forms a new band with band name, debut concert date and location! The prediction reads like a promotional poster with all the info to attend the band’s first concert!

8. PIN & Password  The audience guesses your phone security code, creates their own password complete with letters and numbers and a top secret security word. You have predicted all of their choices leaving them to believe no secret is safe around you!


PLUS The Nobrainer Pro Pack Includes Cody Fisher’s Comedy Confabulation reworked by Cody Fisher himself, to incorporate the new Nobrainer methodology creating a whole new version.


Nobrainer Details:

No pre-show

No batteries

No assistants

No electronics 

No impressions 

No double writing

No wardrobe alterations

No fishing for information

No small, hard to read revelation 

No stooges (instant or otherwise)

Nothing written down by any spectator


A complete 10 min. solo performance prediction routine system.

Walk on cold and deliver a multiple revelation prediction that engages the largest of audiences and shatters the sharpest of minds. Practical, bulletproof and plays big.

Nobrainer. The show closer.


Complete Pro Package

1 x Black Card Stock Envelope with Velcro Closure and Optional Question Mark Decal

12 x Inner White Envelopes

12 x Prediction Papers

12 x Gold Seals

1 x Black/White 10ml Laminated Stabilizer Envelope

1 x Celebrity Smart Ass Baby Gag 10ml Laminated Stabilizer Envelope Insert

1 x 52 on 1 Laminated Stabilizer Envelope 

1 x Prep Mat

2 x Gimmicked Markers (Red & Black)

1 x 3M Force Pad

1 x Smart Ass Original Force Deck

1 x Double Blank Smart Ass Force Deck

1 x Mask/Blindfold

1 x Padded Nobrainer Tool & Travel Bag

1 x Box Cutter

1 x Ruler

1 x Pencil

1 x Eraser

1 x Tape

1 x Portable Easel

1 x Pack Blu Tac

The Nobrainer Online Instructional Video

Exclusive Access to the private Nobrainer Secret Facebook Page 

Nobrainer Booklet in PDF format includes all 8 routines with full scripts 

PLUS Cody Fisher’s Comedy Confabulation -Nobrainer Edition-