Stabbed & Shot

Stabbed & Shot

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Stabbed & Shot

Direct from Bill Abbott’s professional repertoire and showcased in his recent best selling book Table Magic, Stabbed and Shot is a killer card stab with a shot glass production that comes out of nowhere!

The Routine

A card is selected from a shuffled deck - signed - returned and shuffled by a spectator.  An empty paper bag that is examined by the audience and the deck is tossed inside.  A spectator is asked to shake the bag to mix the cards and make the finding of the chosen card 

even more impossible.  A knife is produced and is stabbed into (and through!) the bag.  Violently the knife is ripped from the bag and a single card is impaled on the end of the blade...the spectators signed selection!  

Just when the audience applause has died down the performer reaches into the bag and produces a large shot glass filled to the brim with water! (Or other liquid.)


Stabbed & Shot Considerations:

  • Perform Stabbed & Shot in short sleeves.
  • Perform Stabbed & Shot close-up and surrounded.
  • Stabbed & Shot instantly resets.
  • The shot glass production uses real liquid and is bulletproof and safe. 
  • Stabbed & Shot can be performed on stage. 
  • Reveal one or two cards at the point of a knife.
  • You can even borrow the bag, the knife and the deck!


Stabbed & Shot Package Includes:

  • Large Shot Glass
  • Durable Seal that you never need to replace.
  • Extra Secret Something for a sure-fire card stab revelation.
  • Supply your own knife.
  • A  90 minute Online Video that features...
          -A House Party Performance of the Stabbed & Shot routine.
          -A Comedy Club Performance of the Stabbed & Shot routine.
          -A Studio Performance of the Stabbed & Shot routine (in short sleeves).
          -In-depth instruction of the routine and method.
   -Multiple methods and controls, so spectators can shuffle the deck before and after a card is selected and signed.


Several Alternative routines including: 

  • Cupid - The double stab for lovers. The PERFECT wedding trick!
  • Borrowed - Borrow the deck, bag, knife and shot glass!
  • The Ninja Card Trick - The modern classic!
  • And much more.


Bill Abbott's Extra Shot!

Use this bullet-proof method to produce a full of shot glass from your egg bag, paper bag or even your pocket!

Complete with shot glass and durable seal to use with the liquid of your choice.  (No online instructions are included)