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REDONKULOUS by Anthony Lindan is no longer being produced by BAM, but the digital video version is still available for purchase.

Contact the creator at to acquire it for $70 USD.

REDONKULOUS! by Anthony Lindan

“Every single time I have a chance to perform stand-up magic I present REDONKULOUS!.  Audiences have responded to REDONKULOUS!  as THE strongest piece of magic that I‘ve ever performed.  It is the show stopping effect that everyone talks about after my show.  I’m truly excited to share this dynamic piece of mystery with magic community.”

- Anthony Lindan



Before the show begins a spectator is asked to merely think of any word from either side of a large broadsheet from the local daily newspaper.  She has a free choice of literally hundreds or possibly thousands of words.  After mentally selecting a word the performer seals the newspaper in an envelope and the spectator takes it with her back to her seat. During the show the performer asks for the envelope from the spectator tears it open and removes the newspaper.  The performer explains that the spectator is concentrating on a word from somewhere on the paper and it will be the audience’s job to find that very word.  As impossible as it may seem.  Tearing the newspaper into two pieces the performer asks a random audience member to choose either half to discard.  The choice is made and the performer tears the remaining piece in half and asks another audience member to select a half to discard.  The selection is made and the performer again tears the remaining piece in half asking an audience member to select either half to toss away, yet again.  Left with a piece about four inches square the performer calls on a final helper from the audience to join him on stage.  This spectator is asked to close his eyes and raise a finger and to drop it somewhere on the piece of paper.  The spectator does this and is asked to open his eyes and without saying a thing to remember the word that he pointed to.  The spectator is then handed a white board and marking pen, and asked to write the word in big bold letters on the board and keep it concealed from the audience’s view.  While he is doing this the performer engages the original spectator thinking of a word and asks her to stand and for the first time call out her mentally thought of word in a loud voice.  She states her word is, for example,  “Flytrap!”  The performer asks the spectator with the white board to turn the board around and show everyone the word he pointed is also “Flytrap!”


REDONKULOUS! Considerations:

  • REDONKULOUS! uses no impression devices.
  • REDONKULOUS! uses no equivoque/magician’s choice.
  • REDONKULOUS! uses no stooges, only random volunteers from the audience.
  • There is no switch of the newspaper.
  • REDONKULOUS! is not a prediction but powerful and improbable coincidence
  • REDONKULOUS! uses any newspaper in any language.
  • REDONKULOUS! pack small plays big - it easily fits in a briefcase.
  • Perform REDONKULOUS! for audiences of 30 to 3000
  • REDONKULOUS! uses audience participation 
  • REDONKULOUS! Uses a newspaper, white board and office supplies.
  • REDONKULOUS!  is an audience tested and polished routine honed over the past 10 years and hundreds of performances!

The REDONKULOUS! Online Video Instruction Package Includes:

  • 2 Live Corporate Show Performances of REDONKULOUS!
  • The history of Anthony’s creation and how REDONKULOUS! came to be the solid piece of mental theatre in his corporate keynote, team building and entertainment programs.
  • All the information regarding the props needed to perform the routine as well as advice in selecting the perfect newspaper for the routine. 
  • How to prepare for a show, set-up at the venue and how to choose and pre-screen the best audience volunteers.
  • Ground-breaking pre-show coaching where REAL pre-show is experienced via hidden camera!  Then Anthony takes you step by step through the entire process providing road-tested tips and insights that are valuable for the beginner, novice and the expert.  Complete detail of the method, intricately explained and demonstrated.  Nothing is left to the imagination and Anthony tips all of his years of hard work and experience, so that no stone is left unturned.
  • A detailed walk-through of the routine with audience management advice and coaching, including how to reveal the word to generate the best audience response at the conclusion of the routine.
  • The Online Video Instruction is topped off with Anthony Lindan and Bill Abbott in an in-depth conversation about the REDONKULOUS!  routine!