Phoenix by Peter Samelson

Phoenix by Peter Samelson

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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A Classic Made Modern

Gone are the days where magicians would borrow a mans cotton handkerchief from an audience member, but that did not stop Peter Samelson from perfecting a classic piece of magic for modern audiences. As a part of Peters working repertoire for the past 30 years The Phoenix doubles as both a formal masterpiece for the stage and as an "anytime, anywhere" impromptu close- up worker. 


The Perfect Method & Metaphor

Re-Imagining ideas from legends Karrell Fox and Irv Weiner Peter has streamlined the method to its essence and brought an iconic story to life, etching this effect on audiences memories forever. Using "napkin origami" and other visual cues to induce the metaphor of the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes, this piece is 


Three Additional Routines

In two additional routines Art Imitates Life and The Phoenix Ashes Peter has married the classic burnt and restored napkin with the power and impact of the ashes on palm effect. In depth Peter teaches undetectable ash transfers and theatrical reveals of the mark to get multiple impacts and big reactions from participants and audiences. 


Greatest Ashes On Palm Instruction Ever Given

In great detail Peter reveals several practical "ash substances" that can be used with this or any other ashes on palm routine including his own creation Peters Secret Stuff (sold separately)*


Anywhere at Anytime

The Impromptu Phoenix brings the project full circle highlighting the true versatility of the method that can be performed up close, surrounded at your next informal visit to the bar, coffee shop or cocktail party with a borrowed paper napkin. 


Here is what is included in the Phoenix Pro Pack: 

  Intensive Online Video Instructional with

  • Studio, Stage & Nightclub Performances 
  • Origins & Influences 
  • Original Method Overview 
  • Three Additional Routines Performed & Explained
  • Phoenix Origami Technique
  • Ashes Transfer Technique 
  • Ashes Substance Ideas 
  • Technique Using a Lighter 
  • Impromptu Phoenix Routine
  • Full Walk-Through of Each Routine
  • A Conversation with Bill Abbott & Peter Samelson
  • Full Credits & Further Study Recommendations


Additional Accessories:   


Peter’s Secret Stuff

Peters Secret Stuff is the best ashes substance on the market today. It delivers a perfect deep black mark instantly on contact AND once revealed on a spectators hand can be instantly removed with a tissue with no residue. In a handy Chapstick lip balm container, Peters Secret Stuff is hand mixed from beeswax, petroleum and fine graphite to produce the best method for the ashes refined over many years in the field.


The Phoenix Cocktail Gimmick

The Phoenix Cocktail Gimmick  allows for multiple performances of the burnt and restored napkin. Perfect for the professional working a walk-around gig, restaurant residency or banquet table work. Perform the effect over and over without reset with this ergonomic, practical device that attaches to any belt, remains unseen against the body and with the provided Velcro attachment is easy to remove and refill if necessary. 

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