PB&E Replacement Eggs

PB&E Replacement Eggs

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Refill Bags

While BAM is no longer producing this product, you don't need to miss out on PB&E Chris Pilsworth - you can still purchase the bags!

Reach out to chris@borntoamaze.com

Each handmade double layered hardware bags is  meticulously and painstakingly handmade by Chris Pilsworth. Chris has used the same bag for a years worth of shows (approx. 200) and it is still going strong. So with care, your bags should last you awhile.  Refills come in a pack of 2 for $40.00


Replacement Eggs

Chris spent a year sourcing the perfect egg for the routine. Made of a durable ceramic composite, these are impossible to tell from the real thing!  Manufactured with the express purpose of coaxing hens to lay eggs. Replacement Eggs com in a package of 2 for $25.00

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