PB&E by Chris Pilsworth - Available Now!

PB&E by Chris Pilsworth - Available Now!

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While BAM is no longer producing this product, you don't need to miss out on PB&E Chris Pilsworth - you can still purchase all of the components!

Reach out to chris@borntoamaze.com

You can still purchase eggs on our accessories page here:https://billabbottmagic.com/collections/accessories

PB&E by Chris Pilsworth

“With a degree in industrial design Ottawa-based pro Chris Pilsworth has created what can only be called, a complete REVOLUTION of the classic egg bag method, while using a natural, acceptable and innocent appearing prop - a simple paper bag. This is the ONLY egg bag I will ever use." Bill Abbott 

Traditional Egg Bag Problem

Think about it; when someone sees you perform an egg bag routine using a traditional cloth egg bag, what do they believe? 

1. You are a real magician.  2. You are only human, but possess incredible skill. 3. The strange cloth bag, like one they’ve never seen before, is fake, so that anyone could do the trick if they had a bag like yours.  It still requires skill and practice to present a great egg bag routine, but all of that gets dismissed because you’re still using a magic cloth bag.


Chris Pilsworth Solves the Problem

Chris faced the same issues when he wanted to add an egg bag routine to his repertoire, so he did something about it. He asked the question, “What if you were able to present an egg bag routine using a normal looking brown paper bag?” A paper bag flies right under the audience’s ‘suspicion-radar’ and now you get the credit for creating the magic, not some unusual cloth bag.


Traditional Egg Bags vs. PB&E

Many magicians where black/dark outfits and the classic black Malini Egg Bag simply does not stand out from their costume to be seen from any distance.  With PB&E you can wear dark or light outfit and it will still stand out from a far distance.  The bag isn’t black or dark blue or dark whatever! It’s a paper bag, which means you can see the thing from far away! You’re in a home, no problem. You’re in a 200-seat hall, no problem. You’re in a 2000-seat theatre, no problem.


PB&E Features

  • Self-Contained
  • Angle-proof
  • No Reset - Always Ready to Go
  • Minimal Sleight of Hand
  • Pack Small Plays Big
  • Can be done Up Close & Surrounded 
  • Highly Visible for Stand-Up & Stage
  • No Clothing Restrictions


Method & Design Features

Chris Pilsworth has a degree in Industrial Design (product design) and has applied his skills and talent to the design of this incredible prop.   With a current trend, that is moving towards more organic props, restoring audience appreciation of  the performer's skill rather than the 'magic' prop.  With a brown paper lunch bag and an egg everyone knows the qualities of the props involved.  There's no need for over proving or unnatural procedures.

BONUS: Unlike regular cloth egg bags PB&E allows for an audible appearance of Egg inside the bag!


The Bags 

Included with every PB&E Pro Package are two bags. These are not lunch bags or grocery bags but double layered hardware bags and they're incredibly durable. Each bag is meticulously and painstakingly handmade by Chris Pilsworth. Chris has used the same bag for a years worth of shows (approx. 200) and it is still going strong. Only purchasers of PB&E will get exclusive access to refill bags if and when they need them.


The Eggs

Included with every PB&E Pro Package are two eggs.  And these eggs are truly remarkable! Chris literally spent a year sourcing the perfect egg for this routine. Made of a durable ceramic composite, these are nearly impossible to tell from the real thing!  In fact these eggs are manufactured with the express purpose of coaxing hens to lay eggs. If they can fool a hen - they will fool your audience and volunteers!  Only purchasers of PB&E will get exclusive access to extra replacement eggs if and when they need them. (Eggs come in White and Brown, please be sure you order the correct Pro Pack on the right.)


The Online Digital Video Instruction

2 live performances:

  • On stage in front of a family audience.
  • At a private party held in a restaurant.

Instructional Topics:

  • Traditional Egg Bags vs. PB&E
  • Revolutionary Method Revealed
  • Travel & Care of the Eggs & Bags
  • Pre-Show Set-Up
  • Full Routine Walk-Through
  • Close-Up Performance Technique
  • Kicker Extra Shot Climax - Performed & Explained
  • Alternative Kicker Climax Ideas
  • Transition or Segue Prop Productions
  • Alternatives to an Egg
  • Conversation with Bill Abbott and Chris Pilsworth


Get Creative!

Not limited to an egg, limes, kiwis, lightbulbs or even a lemon as a transition into a Bill in Lemon routine could also be used with Chris’ trademark designed Egg Bag. PB&E would also be great in combination with The Thing as the Thing gimmick and the egg are very similar in shape and size. Get creative with the object for a themed presentation or segue into your next effect with an appropriate prop.

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