Olson's Closer

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"Erick is one of Florida's busiest pros and a good friend. Last year at Thanksgiving dinner at Erick's home, Erick performed one trick after dinner and fooled some of the best and brightest minds in magic. And garnered some of the biggest reactions I've ever seen. Now we ALL have the opportunity to add this killer effect to our own repertoire EASILY & QUICKLY because there is ZERO SLEIGHT OF HAND! The deck essentially does the trick FOR YOU! I love it." - Bill Abbott

Olson's Closer...

  • Uses ZERO Sleight of hand. 
  • Is a FULLY AUTOMATIC gaffed deck of playing cards.
  • CUSTOM PRINTED USPCC Red Bicycle Playing Cards.
  • INSTANTLY RESETS after each performance.
  • Will make them believe you're a WIZARD with a deck of cards!
  • Has so many moments of AMAZEMENT!

Olson's Closer Pro Pack Includes:

  • Full Deck of specially printed playing cards.
  • PDF with Photo of the Complete Set-Up for Easy Prep.
  • Instructional Video with Two LIVE Performances

(instantly available to stream and/or download)