Mullica Wallet Hacked!

Mullica Wallet Hacked!

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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“The late great Tom Mullica created the most versatile wallet for the working professional magician. This release is dedicated to Tom and for the years for joy, laughter and generosity he gave to the world of magic and the world at large!” - Bill Abbott

Bill Abbott's vault of knowledge on the Mullica Wallet is blown wide open in Mullica Wallet HACKED! Four commercial killers ripped straight from Bill's working repertoire! Close-up and stage worthy routines with every detail and secret revealed for the very first time.

Wrecked! -Even after a signed card is torn apart and tossed away it is found completely restored deep inside your wallet - TWICE!
Hacked! -The definitive (and easiest) any-card-thought-of in-wallet routine.
The Omen -The ultimate prediction system that fools pros and books gigs! On stage or up close.

PLUS In addition to the four routines, Bill will teach you techniques, handlings and secrets that can be applied to any Mullica style wallet.

Easy-Action Load for the fastest and smoothest loading of playing cards, predictions, credit cards, etc.
Gift Card Force for the Omen and other prediction style routines. It creates time misdirection and an additional WOW moment.
A Secret Tool for eliminating all hang ups and creating a super-smooth loading operation.
A Mini Promo Pack with 100 included plastic sleeves for giveaway potential clients will keep!
Prediction Pads for over 100 performances of The Omen.

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