Mind Control Deluxe

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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Mind Control Deluxe

Bill Abbott’s Mind Control Deluxe is a routine where borrowed objects are placed in a row in front of the audience and by using the power of suggestion you coerce a randomly selected participant to choose the EXACT object that has been indelibly predicted far in advance.


*Keep in mind the prediction shown is in full view from the beginning and it is always 100% accurate!

**The tailor-made Mind Control Deluxe props have been completely redesigned, are bullet-proof and made to last a life-time. 


Mind Control Deluxe Pro Pack Comes Complete with:

  • Instructional Video (instantly available to stream and/or download)
  • Custom Inscribed Metal Mind Control Key Chain (Inscribed in English)
  • Inscribed Mind Control Sharpie (Inscribed in English)


Be Aware! Mind Control Deluxe is part of the complete 30 min. Pack Smart Play Anywhere SUPERNATURAL Show. Click HERE to get all the details and see the promo video.

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