Magical Mystery Tour

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The Magical Mystery Tour

In the dramatic finale, entitled The Magical Mystery Tour, you draw attention to a large inflated black balloon resting on the top of a long metal stick that an audience member was given and has been holding since the beginning of the show. You state that because they’ve been such a great crowd, you want to take them all with you on an all-inclusive vacation - your treat!

Three spectators, randomly chosen by a fourth audience member are asked for a destination anywhere in the world, a specific departure time and one main activity to do while on this fantasy vacation. Removing all the cards from your wallet (bank cards, gift cards, library cards, etc.) you ask a fifth spectator select one to pay for the vacation, which they do.

Finally, the balloon is removed from the metal clip/stick by the participant who shakes it to discover something bouncing around inside. The balloon is popped and a paper prediction is discovered inside and unfolded by the spectator and read allowed...

EVERY DETAIL of the audience-created vacation is 100% BANG ON! Even down to the card used to pay for it. A mind blowing ending to a truly Supernatural Show!


*The made-to-order Magical Mystery Tour Prediction Pads included make pre-setting every show a breeze and the tailor-made telescoping clip ensure the prediction is seen from the beginning of the show until the jaw-dropping revelation.


Magic Mystery Tour Pro Pack Comes Complete with:

  • Instructional Video (instantly available to stream and/or download)
  • Gaffed Click-On Sharpie & Matching Un-Gaffed One
  • Custom Magical Mystery Tour Prediction Pad (Written in English)
  • 1 x Indestructible, Re-Useable Prediction Card
  • Black Prediction Clips
  • 10 x Prediction Balloons
  • Tailor-Made Telescoping Clip

Be Aware! Magic Mystery Tour is part of the complete 30 min. Pack Smart Play Anywhere SUPERNATURAL Show. Click HERE to get all the details and see the promo video.

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