Incredible Suit Jacket Escape by Anthony Lindan - AVAILABLE NOW!

Incredible Suit Jacket Escape by Anthony Lindan - AVAILABLE NOW!

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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While BAM is no longer producing this product, you don't need to miss out on Incredible Suit Jacket Escape by Anthony Lindan - you can still purchase all of the components!

Reach out to the creator and providers to get the pieces you need. You'll need:

Video content and links, which are available for $70 USD from 

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Houdini Shackles and Locks from your preferred Magic Dealer or from

Get it all and be ready for the Escape!

The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape

From Bill Abbott:

"My reason for convincing Anthony Lindan to release his Incredible Suit Jacket Escape was a simple one. The routine has a wonderfully simple and beautifully ridiculous premise. The performer challenges himself, to the delight and entertainment of the audience, to escape from his very own suit jacket. And like all of the best classic commercial comedy routines, the REAL entertainment is derived from the journey. It's the adventure of the performer vs. suit jacket. For the working performer this routine has it all; it's visual, it's physical, it's hilarious, it has audience participation, it fills a stage and fits in a briefcase! It is with a great pleasure that I introduce you to Anthony Lindan and his Incredible Suit Jacket Escape!"

An Introduction

Corporate entertainer Anthony Lindan has closed every engagement for the past fifteen years with his Incredible Suit Jacket Escape. Honed over thousands of performances in every possible environment and for every kind of audience the Incredible Suit Jacket Escape is large scale, one-man illusion that fills a stage and fits in a briefcase.

Routine Description

The performer explains that he would like to close his show with an homage to the incredible magician and escape artist Harry Houdini. One of Harry Houdini's amazing feats was to escape from a straight jacket. Now it was legendary that Houdini was in such peak physical shape that he was able to dislocate body parts and free himself from some of the toughest straight jackets ever manufactured. The performer admits that he is not exactly in the phenomenal physical condition Houdini was, so in honour of the great master, he will attempt to escape from his own suit jacket! As the audience laughter dies down, the performer explains that to make things more challenging, his hands will be cuffed together, making it nearly impossible for him to make his escape. Two volunteers are invited to the stage to inspect the handcuffs and locks, and proceed to lock the performers hands behind his back. A curtain that encircles the performer is raised by the two volunteers. It's at this point that the hilarious mayhem begins! The curtain is raised and lowered several times, each time revealing the performer (and his jacket) in more and more ludicrous physical positions. The jacket is half on half off, then it's on completely backwards, then it's almost off but the cuffs are snagged painfully between the performer's legs! Impossibly the jacket ends up hanging free from the performer's head and his hands are still cuffed behind his back! Suddenly he offers a free hand to shake the hand of the volunteer on his left and just a suddenly he offers his other to shake the volunteer's hand on his right, and the audience laughs their way into a huge round of applause!


The Complete Incredible Suit Jacket Escape Package Includes Online Video Instruction:

  • Three Performances Shot in Full HD: Experience three performances of the escape for three different audiences in three very different types of venues. The first is at a convention stage show for 300 attendees. The second performance concludes Anthony's corporate keynote presentation for an audience of 35 adults. The third is a performance at a small theatre for a family audience of 100 kids and adults. In each performance you will see how the Incredible Suit Jacket Escape plays to all age groups and can be performed in every conceivable environment.
  • History, Development & Influences: Anthony Lindan explains his obsession with the classic spirit cabinet and how he wanted to create a similar, yet comedic version, for his one-man show. The years of development and hard experience in front of live audiences it took to bring that concept to the streamlined routine you now have the privilege of adding to your own show.
  • Prop Examination: Anthony examines each of the props necessary to perform the routine including the correct shackle set to use for the escape, the right size locks, where to keep the keys and the complete details of how to construct the simple four-sided curtain.
  • Pre-Show Preparation: From packing the routine for travel, setting the stage before your show and finally the right position for the props just prior to your performance, it is all detailed here so nothing is left to chance.
  • Volunteer Selection and Management: Anthony sheds light on the do's and don'ts of volunteer selection, how to instruct them while on stage and control the situation during the routine. The examination of the cuffs and locks, the locking process and the raising and lowering of the curtain is all analyzed fully. The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape relies heavily on the cooperation of members of the audience and this information is key to your success.
  • A Complete Routine Breakdown: The routine is painstakingly taken apart move by move by Anthony who teaches every nuance and detail in chronological order so you can follow along with props in hand. Each position of the jacket and cuffs is demonstrated and how to quickly and efficiently get into each position is dissected visually.
  • A Condensed Walk-Through: Once you have the basic progression down pat, you can rehearse the routine by following along with Anthony as he covers the absolute basic moves in sequence. From the beginning to the middle until the final pose, this will help etch the entire routine into your physical memory.
  • Performance Considerations: Anthony discusses various performance considerations including microphone issues, using music to enhance the routine, calling them handcuffs and not shackles and finally shares an alternate curtain construction that he used for many years with great success.
  • No Jacket? No Problem!: As the jacket is not a tricky prop, there is no reason you have to use your own jacket. In fact early on in Anthony's experience with the routine he forgot his jacket and was forced to use an audience member's borrowed jacket for the routine! Anthony also discusses his earlier use of a bathrobe for the escape, along with other types of jackets, cardigans and outerwear that can be used.
  • A Conversation: Bill Abbott & Anthony Lindan conclude the DVD with a conversation centred around The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape. The reasons why the routine plays so well and why the escape plays for better than other shackle and thumb tie routines of this nature. How escaping from the very suit jacket you've been wearing throughout the performance takes the heat off the cuffs/shackles, and that it is a natural object recognized and accepted by the audience, etc. etc. Sit back a listen to some stimulating thoughts and performance secrets that will inspire and motivate you to think more deeply about your magic.
  • A Practice Poster in PDF Format: The included 12" x 18" practice poster in PDF format ready to print! showcases the major physical maneuvers in the routine in complete photographic sequence. 

If you want add a classic fool-proof escape that guarantees laughs, generates hilarious audience interaction and plays real big, The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape is for you! 

 The Shackles, Locks, Keys & Carry Case

The perfect props for the perfect comedy routine! The correct (and easy!) release shackles that Anthony Lindan uses in every performance. In addition, solid brass locks and extra keys (4 per lock) that the spectators themselves use to lock you in. All easy to carry in the black zipper carrying case that's provided.

The Curtain Of Death!

The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape's ultimate accessory The Curtain Of Death! Each one is a handmade medium-weight four-sided curtain manufactured according to Anthony Lindan's precise specifications. With heavy duty grommets at each of the four corners and long-lasting webbed loop handles, this curtain is built to last! Designed to fit inside a standard size briefcase when folded, this is the ultimate packs small-plays big addition to the Incredible Suit Jacket Escape. The Curtain of Death is approximately 5 foot 10 inches in height.

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“A 5 minute routine that I can drop right into my act for sixty bucks? That’s a steal, in my book. I haven’t been this excited about a new product in a LONG time.  A 10 out of 10.”  Cris Johnson, Trick Talk

“It’s worth $100 just for the idea and the right to build your own routine from this idea.  Bill Abbott just keeps putting out stuff that I wish nobody else new about!” Joe Turner, Genii Magazine 

“Every detail is worked out and painstakingly explained.  You are guaranteed laughs and audience enthusiasm.” - Makaplan, MyLovelyAssistant