Super-Size Smart Ass Deck

Super-Size Smart Ass Deck

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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The SUPER-sized Smart Ass deck that is completely customizable and plays in any LARGE venue! With NEW back design.

“Three years ago I began a run of my one man show Every Trick In The Book at the Dave & Busters showroom here in Toronto. I was faced with performing 4 shows a week in a large performing venue and came to the conclusion that the poker-sized Smart Ass deck I was using was not visually reaching the back of  the room. 

So I put together a special sized deck for my own personal use that would still fit in a jacket pocket but would make the text on the faces of the cards play to the back of the room. I also needed the cards to be durable and after hundreds of shows - I’m still using the same deck!.

Although I use it exclusively for Celebrity Smart Ass the fully customizable deck can be used to force literally ANYTHING written on the cards. So if you’re looking for a bulletproof force that can be used in larger-sized venues than the Super Size Smart Ass deck is the answer for you. - Bill Abbott


Super Size Smart Ass Deck Details

-Complete 52 Card Deck

-5.75” Long X 3.5” Wide (14.6cm x 8.9cm) 50% bigger than Standard Poker-size Card

-Premium Linen Finish for easy handling

-Black back and blank white faces for customization

-Hand Assembled and Manufactured with the Smart Ass method.

-Downloadable PDF Customize Your Smart Ass Book

*Please Note: This package does not include the Celebrity Pictures or DVD instructions. Only the deck. If you would like the video instruction and performances and Pictures, please purchase Celebrity Smart Ass here: