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Dicey - Sure Bet Mind Reading!

“When I want to hit hard with a bulletproof method and a multi-phase mind reading killer - Dicey is the way I roll! With three dice and a Starbucks cup you can walk into any performing situation and perform an entertaining and mind blowing demonstration that will convince your audience that you can truly read minds. I trust that Dicey will become a bulletproof tool for your working repertoire that will serve you for years to come.” -Bill Abbott

The Original Dicey Routine

As featured in Bill Abbott’s 2022 Penguin Lecture - nominated for lecture of the year! Three dice are inspected and tossed into an empty Starbucks espresso cup. A spectator shakes the dice in the cup, then peeks in remembers a number on the top of one of the dice. Analyzing the spectators body language the performer deduces the spectators thought of number exactly! The spectator then peeks at a number from the top of another die inside the cup. This time the performer assesses the spectators voice inflections as the participant counts out loud from one to six. The performers assessment is bang on! Finally, the spectator peeks and remembers the last die number. Without saying a word the performer gently touches the spectators forehead…with unerring accuracy, as though plucking the number straight from their mind, the performer names the thought of number exactly!

Dicey : A Versatile Tool

Whether you’re performing in a living room or on stage for an audience of hundreds, Dicey is a powerhouse that is not only a great tool to display your skill as a mind reader or poker tell analyst, but the random roll of the dice can also be used as a prediction! Imagine using it as a sure-fire hit for your Nobrainer prediction. Dicey is a small package that plays huge in audience impact and reactions!

Worry Free Performing : No Batteries or Electronics

The ultimate objective of the working professional is to work free of anxiety and to focus on the connection they have with their audience. Dicey allows for that freedom and confidence.

“I’ve used electronic dice for years but after repeated technical issues with some expensive electronic dice and I wanted a bulletproof, straightforward and very simple method to produce the same effect without the worry of electronics, charging of batteries, etc. I wanted to multi-phase mind reading routine with three dice that continually became more impossible in every phase.” -Bill Abbott

The Dicey Instructional Video Includes:

Two Live Performances: Two different routines are performed live inside Bill Abbott’s Magic Hideaway Showroom in St. Augustine Florida. The Original Dicey Routine and the new Tossed Dice routine involving three spectators.

Three Different Easy-To-Do Methods Explained: A self-contained method where you just pick up the cup and go! Full switch methods for more skeptical audiences. And a method where all the dice AND the cup is minutely examined by all spectators before the routine begins.

Pre-Show Set Ups: The complete pre-show details that set you up to perform the routine and method of your choice with full confidence from the start.

Routine Walk-Throughs: A complete break down of every move and subtlety is demonstrated and additionally each routine is performed up to speed to see exactly how it should appear in front of your live audience.

*Plus important discussions on Subtext and Attitude, Movement & Patter and the Final Thoughts from Bill Abbott regarding the Dicey! To access your video, please click on any chapter on page 4 of the PDF booklet.

The Dicey PDF Book Includes:

The Dicey Original Routine: Three dice, a Starbucks cup & a three phase mind reading spectacular for any size audience. Featured in Bill’s Penguin Lecture, this routine builds from beginning to end in entertainment and impact!

Tossed Dice Routine: Starting from the original dicey routine concept but using three spectators instead of one and utilizing an updated method that allows for all three dice AND cup to be inspected beforehand!

Tossed Out Dice - David Hoy Style: Like the classic effect the Tossed Out Deck, this routine features three spectators each secretly peeking randomly rolled dice numbers and remembering them. The performer names the three thought of numbers and the spectators take their seats in unison - signifying a perfect mind reading demonstration!

Nobrainer Casino Prediction Addition: Combining the hard hitting solo prediction system with Dicey is simply…a Nobrainer! Using Dicey to reach a random dice roll of three inspected dice is a perfect addition to any Nobrainer performance.

Confabulation Addition: If you perform a standard confabulation routine Dicey makes a great additional reveal. Perhaps it’s the total amount in cash that you’ll  bring on your dream vacation, the exact time you’re leaving on your trip or the number of miles/km you’re driving to get to your destination!

Time Force: With Dicey you can create a very specific time of day using the random roll of three dice. This can either be used to create a compelling mind reading demonstration or even a prediction involving an ungimmicked watch that’s been set and left in full view from the very beginning of the show!

Magic Square Force: A wonderfully simple way to do a Magic Square routine is to have a seemingly random number created by the roll of two dice. And with Dicey it’s all too easy with a predetermined number - so no mental gymnastics or arithmetic needed!

Lucky Cut by Erick Olson: A spectator shakes three dice in a coffee cup while you shuffle and cut a deck into three piles. The spectator stops shaking and calls out the top dice numbers while you turn over the three top playing cards on each pile - the three card values match the three dice values 100%!

Starbucks Cup Prediction by T.C. Tahoe: A surprise prediction where three numbers rolled on the dice inside the coffee cup match the three numbers written in indelible marker on the side of the cup the spectator has been holding the whole time!

Spectator As Mind Reader by Anton James: A fun twist in the usual mystery show, rather than the performer read the minds of the audience, you have an audience member read their minds instead! And with Dicey you can do this easily and deceptively! This is killer concept that always slays with real world audiences.

One Ahead/Mental Epic Finale: Dicey makes a great solution for the finale in a one ahead or classic mental epic routine. Taking a usually anti-climactic, uncreative card force conclusion and bringing it to a whole new level of impossibility and variety!

Add It Up: Add another phase to the Dicey routines by having your participant add the numbers on the top of all three dice to create a fourth number. This adds more bang for your buck, generating a fourth phase to the routine, with more opportunity to get creative and possibly involving yet another spectator in the routine.

Three Packages To Choose From:

1. Complete Pro SUPER Pack Includes:

  • 6 Custom Dice & Case
  • Downloadable Dicey PDF Book with Dicey Instructional Video Links (click on chapter links on page 4 of pd booklet)
  • *PLUS Bill Abbott's Penguin Lecture (a $39.95 value!) *A special download code will be shipped with the dice and case with your order. Details of the Penguin Lecture can be found HERE. 

2. Complete Pro Pack Includes:

  • 6 Custom Dice & Case
  • Downloadable Dicey PDF Book with Dicey Instructional Video Links (click on chapter links on page 4 of pd booklet)

3. Book & Video (No Dice) Includes:

  • Downloadable Dicey PDF Book with Dicey Instructional Video Links (click on chapter links on page 4 of pd booklet)