Classic Workers with Michael Ross *PLUS Limited Edition Salt Pour Gimmick- AVAILABLE NOW!

Classic Workers with Michael Ross *PLUS Limited Edition Salt Pour Gimmick- AVAILABLE NOW!

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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While BAM is no longer producing this product, you don't need to miss out on Classic Workers with Michael Ross *Plus Limited Edition salt Pour Gimmick - you can still purchase all of the components!

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*The Classic Workers Set is a combination of instantly streamable and downloadable videos in addition to the Limited Edition Salt Pour gimmick which comes by mail.

“His thoughts on magic and theatre are priceless. His ring routine has to be one of the best pieces of art/magic I have seen.” -Andrew Gerard 

“Best kept secret in the magic business! And now the secret is out. Michael is a very clever performer and an artist.” -Richard Lyn aka Tricky Ricky

“All I can say is at over 4 hours of material ...... this is a wonderful set! There is so much you can get from these videos - Michael Ross really knows his stuff and shares ALOT.” -Cliff Gabbitas

“For me, the real gold on the set was Michael sitting and discussing the development of the routines. The “how’s” and “why’s” of how it all comes together. I watched those segments a number of times.” -Harry Murphy

“I treasure these videos . They are on par with Tommy Wonders with the depth and breadth of knowledge imparted. Great work Michael Ross!” -Pablo Aymerich

“The THOUGHTS on the standard material contained within are pure platinum. I do not know the last time I was so happy with a purchase! The real stuff from a real worker! This set is a true goldmine for someone who makes their living performing for real people. I would recommend it highly to anyone who is thinking about getting in front of people and really working.  It is not often you get a real pro to sit down and spill a life times worth of work on video. ” -Danny Hustle


Classic Workers with Michael Ross

Rejoice in fresh takes on the timeless classics of magic! A great way to find the right classics for you! Or to add a spin on one you already perform. Like musical jazz standards this unique collection comes to life by performer Michael Ross’ spirited renditions - performed silently to a hot jazz soundtrack.

4.5 hours of action-packed, highly visual magic with ultra-practical methods honed over hundreds of performances are all revealed in this unprecedented collection. Live nightclub performances, studio performances, bonus performances, in-depth interviews with Bill Abbott and all of the detailed explanations are here.

*PLUS Limited Edition Custom Salt Pour Gimmick

Custom light weight aluminum Salt Pour gimmick made by Morrissey Magic exclusively for Bill Abbott Magic before they closed their Toronto Studio. Never before made available these are the last (and only) gimmicks of their  kind. Made in the Paul Fox style but slightly smaller to accommodate all hand sizes and to be more deceptive at close quarters. Each limited edition gimmick is needed for Michael Ross’ Salt Pour routine performed and explained in detail as part of the Classic Workers set. Once these limited edition Salt Pour gimmicks are gone - they are gone forever!

& FREE BONUS "Salt Pour ReThinks" Book by T.C. Tahoe

As part of T.C. Tahoe's series where he ‘re-Thinks’ some classics of magic, this Salt Pour Re-Thinks booklet takes a new look at this classic effect and adds humour, intelligence and a modern spin. A FREE gift from T.C. Tahoe and Bill Abbott Magic!

Michael Ross

Michael Ross has spent a lifetime in the entertainment industry. He began his career and worked for many years alongside some of the biggest stars. With over 30 years of experience performing and producing thousands of magic shows, Michael Ross is divulging the professional secrets that have put him at the top of his field. Michael has shared the stage with a wide range of performers including Jim Carey, Elvis Costello and Alanis Morrissette as well as acting as a magic consultant for TV shows and Hollywood movies. 

The Classic Workers Collection

 Colour Changing Handkerchief: New life is breathed into this gem with a logical "dying" motivation and wonderful technique. If you have ever wanted to add this effect to your act, you've come to the right teacher! Merlin dissects everything from using the right gimmicks to dyeing your own silk handkerchiefs.

  • Half-Dyed Hank Gimmicks and Preparation
  • The Palmo Ball
  • Handkerchief Colours and Set-Up
  • Loading The Palmo Ball
  • Loading the Dye Tube
  • The Pocket Set-Up
  • Full Routine Walk-Through
  • The Knot Finale (Bonus)
  • The Topit Ditch (Bonus)
  • Colour Stealing Presentation
  • If The Gimmick Drops

Jumping & Crawling Flower: Imagine a flower suddenly appears on your lapel, jumps from one lapel to the other and then slowly and eerily crawls back to the other side! The perfect bit of business to give your audiences the experience of magic without saying a word!

  • Thread Types & Hook Ups
  • The Crawling Flower Hook Up
  • Unhooking The Thread
  • The Appearing Flower

 The Hydrostatic Glass: Water in a glass tumbler remains suspended upside down with no visible means of support and at the audience's command it falls into a champagne bucket.

  • Examining the Glass
  • The Water Source
  • The Bucket
  • Gimmick Placement
  • The Paper Type & Set-Up
  • Full Routine Walk-Through
  • Plastic VS Glass
  • Presentation Ideas

The Silk Fountain: The beautiful overflowing 'fountain' of silks from the performer's bare hands is a stage classic. Now you can get the in-depth work on table-loads vs. body loads, a permanent set-up vs. the loose silks set-up and an ingenious use of magnets for the best of both worlds.

  • Table Load VS Body Load
  • Classic Silk Fountain VS Trap Fold Fountain
  • Final Six Foot Silk Preparation
  • Trap Fold Preparation
  • 36” Silk Preparation
  • Other Props: Lighter & Umbrella
  • Burning Tissue Handling
  • Multiple Silk Handling and Preparation
  • Alternate Methods For Producing 36” Silk
  • Umbrella Catch-All Tips & Ideas
  • Pocket Management
  • Elastic Belt: Construction, Placement and Use
  • Elastic Belt: Exposed Steals
  • Full Routine Walk-Through
  • Additional Thoughts & Ideas: Ross Bertram Steal
  • The Utility Towel
  • J.B. Bobo Confetti Addition
  • The Party Snaps Addition

The Professor's Nightmare Complete: A white ball visibly transforms into three different sized ropes, ropes are transformed into the same size and finally they are stretched into one long piece.

  • The Opening
  • The Full Routine
  • Displaying The Ropes
  • Stretching The Ropes
  • The Count
  • Changing Back Move
  • Audience Inspects The Rope
  • The Second Stretching Set-Up
  • The Second Stretching
  • Three To One Rope
  • Wrapping Up The Rope
  • Types Of Rope

The Salt Pour: Brilliant technique combined with a spectacular finish makes this routine an unforgettable audience favourite. Various gimmicks and handlings are examined, the salt vanishes and reappearance is dissected in great detail and the long pour is completely explained. Michael’s streamer finale is taught as well.

  • A Look At The Gimmicks
  • The Salt
  • A Pre-Loaded Gimmick
  • Salt Shaker Gimmick Steal
  • The Steal
  • The Reproduction
  • Ditching The Gimmick
  • Stealing The Streamer
  • An Alternate Finish
  • Ross Bertram Gimmick Ditch
  • Streamer Details
  • Salt Catchers 

The Butterflies: There is almost no real work on the classic butterfly trick in print or on video. Now ALL of the work is revealed from various thread handling techniques, rehearsing with and without a thread and various steals for the final 'snow storm' of butterflies is described. 

  • Props & Set-Up
  • Threading The Butterflies
  • Camouflaging The Butterflies
  • Final Load & Set-Up
  • Thread Handling
  • Practicing
  • Full Routine Walk-Through
  • Choosing Music
  • Indoors, Outdoors & Drafts 

Merlin’s Rings: It is the first time that a movement based linking ring routine has been released in complete form to the magic community. Destined to become a standard reference work, this is the one piece in Michael Ross’ repertoire that he has performed at every show for the past 30 years. Bill Abbott went to great lengths to convince Michael to release this unique and original routine to the magic community while is still actively performing.

Here are some of the moves performed and taught in great detail:

  • The Count
  • Two Ring Display
  • The First Link
  • Spinning The Rings
  • First Unlink
  • Through And Through
  • Mid-Air Link
  • Rocking Unlink
  • Rolling Link and Unlink
  • O’Dowd Spinning Ring Reverse
  • Bounce Link
  • Turn Unlink
  • Benson Silent Link
  • Silent Swing Unlink
  • Second Benson Silent Link
  • Second Swing Unlink
  • Floor Spin Link
  • Three Ring Link
  • Koran Unlink
  • Richard Ross Unlink
  • Three Ring Toss Link
  • Up The Chain
  • Up The Chain Unlink
  • Falling Link
  • Four Ring Configurations
  • Falling Link Of Five
  • Five Ring Chain
  • Three Ring Switch Unlink
  • Toss Unlink
  • Final Two Ring Unlink

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