Chico : Light Package - Instant Download Package

Chico : Light Package - Instant Download Package

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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Chico : The Light Package (No Props)


The complete hilarious show-stopping and solid laughed packed routine that packs small and plays big. With this single purchase plus a little leg-work to collect the props you will be adding 15+ minutes of solid entertainment to your show that can be learned in a short while, with everything you need to make it your own. 


Included with the Package:

11" X 17" Poster In Printable PDF Format

A poster featuring 40 photos with all the necessary "behind-the-scenes" action with the script lines so working out the routine in rehearsal was that much easier. 

3 Royalty-Free Chico Music Themes in MP3 Format

Royalty-free intro, background and finale tracks on Compact Disc created just for the Chico routine. 

An Exclusive Performance Instant Access Video

In this new Chico package there are two additional bonus performances of the Chico routine on the online video exclusive to this release. One performance is at a kids day camp and the other at a high school retreat in front of 500 teenagers. This along with Chico's classic TV debut appearance and another killer performance at an adult comedy club all serve to illustrate how versatile the routine can be! 

An Exclusive Instant Access Instructional Video

An exclusive instructional video detailing all of the nuances of the set-up, prop management and a complete performance breakdown. The Master Puppet Workshop section of the tutorial will show you all of the intricacies of bringing your puppet to life with the proper hand positioning, technique and the manipulation of a few simple props. Everything is taught in detail showing how to create a character so real and endearing, kids & adults alike will latch onto it like it's a live animal! Everything is covered to help you find and develop a character with your puppet, developing a bond between the puppet and the audience and how to use the Chico routine as a foundation for your very own creation. Bill's main objective is to help you to understand the routine inside and out, so you feel comfortable in performing it as soon as possible! 

  • Full Photo-Illustrated Script in Printable PDF Format: A complete script on PDF transcribed with over 50 photographs to make learning the routine that much easier.
  • Three Printable PDF Templates To Create the Customizable Chico Roll Down Banner and the "Y" Revelation Handkerchief 


The Real Deal

What you are purchasing is a well-orchestrated and thoughtfully put-together professional package with built in laughs over years of refinement. Whether you adopt this routine as is, or inject your own personal touches, you will be receiving a truly perfect little piece of comedy, magic and theatre that appeals to a wide age range. Bill Abbott made an appearance with Chico on the "This is Daniel Cook" TV Show. Since it first appeared the episode has been airing consistently 3 and 4 times weekly on several Canadian networks, and was nominated for a Canadian Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Children's Series! The show was recently been purchased by Disney so you will see Bill & Chico on a Disney Channel near you. 

Endorsements From Purchasers: 

"I purchased the complete package and heartily recommend it to others - for me it was a no-brainer! Everything is well-made and packed and there are several additional bonus performances of the Chico routine on the video I was not expecting. For example there are live performances at a day camp for kids, at a college for young people and at an adult comedy club, which serve to illustrate how versatile the routine can be! The entire Chico script that's included makes it easier to refer to during rehearsal and together with a separate poster of the main moves from the audience and performer's view, it leaves nothing to be desired.  The most valuable part for me was the Master Puppet Workshop section. His advice on here is invaluable."

Magic Bern, Hong Kong, China 

"The Chico routine is very strong, superbly crafted, and appeals to a wide age range. The price is very reasonable when you consider that you're getting 15+ minutes of solid entertainment that can be learned in a short while. I personally learned the routine on holiday in France. It took about ten days practicing for about 2 hours a day.  Someone described this as the "perfect puppet routine". I second that, really first rate, and FUNNY!  Bill has no doubt created with Chico one of the finest puppet routines. A perfect "packs small, plays big" routine.  A big thank you again, Bill, for Chico, who will continue to make the kids of Sussex and London laugh for years to come, I hope!"

Doug Robertsaka Potty The Pirate - United Kingdom