5 Card Suit

5 Card Suit

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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The Five Card Suit

The perfect opener gets a made-to-measure upgrade! We thought the 5 Card Opener/Box routine couldn't get any better - until Steve Hamilton blew our minds with his 5 Card Suit!

The laughs and surprises literally DOUBLE with Steve's three phase costume change. In line with the 5 Card Opener storyline, you not only perform the first trick from your very first magic show, you actually wear the very first suit from that show! 

One Size - Fits All! 

The whole three piece outfit hangs by an adjustable velcro band that attaches at the back of the performers neck. We’ve made this band large enough to accommodate a XXXLarge neck size (over 19.5” diameter) so it really does fit all performers.

Easy To Add

If you’re already performing the 5 Card Opener/Box then adding the 5 Card Suit is easy and will bring a whole new level of production value, surprises and humor to your existing routine. The set-up is a breeze and after the suit is prepped you simply place into your 5 Card Box along with the jumbo cards and your ready to roll!

Online Digital Instruction Includes:

An Intro

Live Performance - Bill Abbott

Live Performance - Steve Hamilton

Additional and Optional Props Needed

Prepping the Suit

Performing and Displaying

Resetting After Performing

Microphone Considerations

Props Included

3 Phase Costume Change with custom sewn 

  1. blazer, trousers & bow tie 
  2. short sleeves, shorts & suspenders 
  3. onesie with print & bow tie 

Plastic folder for packing and travel (Packs flat and compact)

*Custom Handmade Considerations

Each one of these sets is handmade and assembled in Canada. It is a labour-intensive and tedious process to bring this professional prop to market. This reflects in the price and in the quality we have brought to this pro-grade addition. Please be aware that on-hand stock is very limited and will continue to be so to maintain a high standard of production.

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What are the pro's saying about the 5 Card Suit?

“Bill that is quite possibly THE BEST OPENING magic trick I've ever seen. The suit is just a brilliant idea. I am now going to have to order the entire thing - DAMN YOU!!!”- Paul Romhany

“Bill Abbott knows good stand up magic. Five Card Opener Combined with Five Card Box and Five Card Suit is FIVE STAR MAGIC.” - Cody S. Fisher

“Hysterical. Really, really good. Frames everything perfectly.” - Bob Sheets

 “I can't believe someone thought of this what a genius idea! The prop itself looks amazing you can tell it is well made and the visual hanging around your neck with your adult head looks very funny. Absolutely one of the most perfect additions to any routine I have ever seen…I would say the routine is now complete.” - Mark Alan 

“Just watched it and that's f***ing brilliant!!! Genius.” - Adam Wilbur

“It evokes childhood memories to strengthen an already powerful piece of magic! Should be called 5 Card Opener on steroids!” - Stefano Presenza

“That is hilarious. It is an added dimension to the story and also Monty Python like in it's absurdity. It is a winner, I know many magicians are going to eat this new version up!" - Scott McLelland

“Just ordered can't wait! Thanks Bill Abbott and Steve Hamilton for an awesome addition to an already awesome opener!” - Rob Driscoll

“Glorious.” - John Archer