5 Card Mini-Box

5 Card Mini-Box

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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The Perfect Closer to the Perfect Opener - Just SHRUNK!

“It’s the same 5 Card Box with all the laughs, magical transformations & BIG vanish finish - but it now fits in a back pocket! The original 5 Card Box is a permanent fixture in a lot of performers shows, and now it packs smaller AND smarter! The 5 Card Mini-Box is the perfect addition to a formal close-up performance or toss it into your Pack Smart Play Anywhere show bag and you’re ready to rock. Because the reactions in laughter, amazement and audience response are guaranteed using the 5 Card Box - the 5 Card Mini-Box means you can now do it ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.” -Bill Abbott

The 5 Card Box Features:

• Packs Smart - Plays Amazing!  Dimensions: 5.75" Long X 4.5" Wide

• Comes to you blank so it's customizable in any language or show theme/message.

• Perfect with the Pack Smart Play Anywhere Show as it fits inside the Pack Smart Play Anywhere Show bag!

• Each box is handmade and assembled to exact specifications to accommodate the Card Shark Parlour Size Double-Decker Cards which are SUPER-thin & completely deceptive at close quarters.

• The 5 Card Mini-Box protects your Parlour Card Set before, during, after and in between shows! Great for pros who travel and are a little rough on their props.

• Perform this with confidence up close at a banquet table, or house party!

• The locking feature secures the transformation and the completely self-contained vanish of all the cards at the conclusion of the routine.

Comes with the original 5 Card Box online digital instructions, 5 Card Opener online digital instruction, mini-box, black cloth elastic band and the Card Shark SUPER-thin Card Set.
                                                                                                                                                   It's the cutest prop we've ever produced!
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