5 Card Box

5 Card Box

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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“The 5 Card Box in combination with the 5 Card Opener gets extra laughs, magical transformations & a kick finish of all the cards disappearing at the end!  I've been doing for that last 2 years and wouldn't do the a Card Opener without it. It's just so much stronger. It was thanks to performer Eric Myers who introduced me to a creation by Jeff Hobson that I started to work on the 5 Card Box. Two years and hundreds of shows later, the 5 Card Box is now a permanent fixture in the opening of my show. Reactions in both laughter and amazement surpass anything I experienced before using the 5 Card Opener. The 5 Card Box adds multiple effects and new impact to the already powerful 5 Card Opener. A surprise transformation of the box, a complete disappearance of all the cards at the end, plus the box emphasizes and strengthens the story that's so integral to the overall routine.” -Bill Abbott


5 Card Box Online Digital Instruction Features:

  • Live Performance
  • Studio Performance
  • History & Influences
  • How to Customize Your 5 Card Box
  • Pre-Show Preparation
  • Easy Post Show Pack Up & Reset
  • Full Routine Walk-Through & Explanation
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Final Thoughts & Ideas

The 5 Card Box Features:

  • Packs Flat - Plays Huge!  Dimensions Closed: 11.5” Long x 8 3/4” Wide x 3/4” Thick
  • Comes to you blank so it's customizable in any language or show theme/message.
  • Perfect accompanies the Pack Smart Table & fits inside the Pack Smart Table padded bag.
  • Each box is handmade and assembled to exact specifications to accommodate the 5 Card Opener Jumbo Cards and is extremely thin & deceptive at close quarters.
  • The 5 Card Box protects your 5 Card Opener cards before, during, after and in between shows! Great for pros who travel and are a little rough on their props.
  • Perform this with confidence up close at a house party or on stage in front of hundreds. Truly versatile in any environment with the audience on all sides.
  • The locking feature secures the transformation and the completely self-contained vanish of all the cards at the conclusion of the routine.

“If you already own the Five Card Opener you should seriously consider the 5 Card Box. If you don’t have the Five Card Opener, this is an investment that could revolutionize your show! My experience from hundreds of performances using the 5 Card Box has proven that impact and response from audiences is so much stronger.”

It's the perfect CLOSER - to the perfect OPENER!

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I think this is so brilliant and I would have gladly paid even more for it. This is an invest that will pay big dividends for pros. I love it.” 

-Cris Johnson, Pro Performer & Reviewer

“I think this is the PERFECT finale to the 5 Card Opener.  It's logical, surprising, plays big and packs small; it has all the earmarks of a Bill Abbott routine. If you do the 5 Card Opener, this is a no brainer. Worth the investment to workers for sure.” 

-Sean Fields, Creator, Performer & Consultant

“It is so well constructed and so easy to incorporate into a show that it does not make sense to me to perform the 5 Card Opener without the box. It fits my performing character perfectly, and it keeps my opening routine self-contained and safe until reset! I am so glad I invested in the 5 Card Box!  Thank you for creating such a clever product.”

-Carrie Rostollan, Performer

“Received my 5 card box Thursday, had a performance on Friday and guess what...I immediately put it in the show! The response was great. The two comedy moments with the signs and the magic moment with the disappearing cards gave the effect a boost to my existing 5 Card Opener.  Thanks for sharing the 5 card box” 

-Fred-Ric Schrijvers Pro Performer

"I received the 5 Card Box on a Friday in the middle of the afternoon and performed with it that evening! This is not normally something I would do, but it's just so easy to use. Bill gives perfect DVD instructions, the box is very well made, and since I have already been performing the 5 Card Opener (at almost every show I do) it was very easy to incorporate the box. Adding the 5 Card Box quite simply makes the routine funnier, more magical and more fun to perform. Now that I have started using the box I can't imagine performing the routine without it!"  

-Brent Nicholls, Pro Performer

"On Sunday morning I customized my box and used it in my show on Sunday afternoon. I've been performing your 5 Card Opener for over 3 years now and have used it to open hundreds of shows. I was excited to see the audience reaction to the addition of the 5 Card Box.

My audience was about 60 people about 60% kids and 40% adults. When I flipped the box around the first time to reveal "Majic Show" it got a few laughs. When I flipped it around the 2nd time to reveal the "change" to the scribble, it got my more audible laughs AND I heard some words like "wow" and a few small gasps.  The best part was when I revealed all the card has vanished. The look of astonishment on people's faces and the audible reactions were better than anything I'd ever received with 5 Card Opener. Needless to say, it will be a staple in my show. 

It's made one of my favourite routines even better! I know some guys were put off by the price but how can you be put off my $200 for something that can be dropped right into your show and add so much? As a result of yesterday's show I booked a gig for next year performing in front of 1,500 teachers for an annual conference. The lady explained that their theme will be the magic of reading. I discussed a routine with her that would fit in well with their theme and booked the show. 

Afterward she says, "Can you open up with the trick where you made all those cards appear and then disappear?"....5 Card Box, $200 well spent.
-Mario Orsini, Performer