Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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You explain to your audience that you’d like to connect with several imaginative audience members in an mind experiment. 5 women are invited to the stage to participate and you ask them to take a mental journey to an incredible ‘girls weekend’ where they are booked into a beautiful hotel.

During this imaginary weekend they all wake up on Sunday morning to a big surprise, they each have a brand new tattoo!

The ladies recreate the imaginary tattoo on cards which are collected and mixed by one of the participants. That participant chooses one of the cards which is dropped inside a pouch by the participant, zipped closed and tossed far away from you, the performer. It remains untouched for the rest of the performance.

Analyzing the remaining 4 tattoo designs and you reveal personality traits of the various 'artists' with hilarious results. You then guess which tattoo design pairs with each woman...and all four are 100% correct! 

The final woman, whose tattoo design remains a mystery to everyone, stands back to back with you, and is asked to redraw her tattoo on a large board. You do the same, attempting to pick up on her thoughts. You and the participant reveal your artwork at the same time...they match PERFECTLY! 


*Tattoo is one of the easiest and direct routines of its kind, achieving an incredibly entertaining routine with multiple revelations, concluding with the extremely visual design duplication climax!

**The specially created props make it easy to perform and a joy to perform.


Be Aware! Tattoo is part of the complete 30 min. Pack Smart Play Anywhere SUPERNATURAL Show. Click HERE to get all the details and see the promo video.

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