Scratch & Dent! Pack Smart Tables

Scratch & Dent! Pack Smart Tables

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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ONLY $199. For A WORKING Pack Smart Table (reg.$325)

Due to manufacturing defects and shipping mishaps we have small stock of slightly damaged BUT fully functioning table tops!

The tripods (included) are in pristine condition.
The "scratches & dents" apply only to the table tops. These scratches and dents will not be seen by your audience as they are either on the bottom of the table or can be covered by the provided close-up pad or non-slip pad.

We do have limited numbers and sales will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Please see the photos for some samples of the "scratches & dents" on the table tops.


"The greatest compliment I can give the Pack Smart Table is that I use it in every show I do.  Whether it's a house party of 15 people or on stage in front of 1500.  The Pack Smart Table was built by a performer for performers."  - Bill Abbott


For years I was on the hunt for a light weight, compact and completely adjustable table for my shows. But I never found the perfect solution. So over the past several years with the help of some great friends and master craftsmen, I built my own from the ground up. This the Pack Smart Table.


The Pack Smart Table is adjustable to a variety of heights for a number of different routines and needs. In addition, once assembled it has a small footprint on stage to maximize performance space. Plus the additional expandable tripod base allows for stability not experienced in any previous Pack Smart Table.

It starts at 18" in height and extends all the way to 55" high.  Perfect for displaying a prediction, performing a cup and ball routine, with the ability to perform from a standing or seated position.


The Pack Smart Table is light in weight (less than 3.5 lbs) and compact for carry-on luggage, or a personal travel bag. It's great for traveling long distances by air without paying extra baggage fees. Or for in-studio Zoom performances or socially distanced live shows.

Built under Bill Abbott's stringent criteria for his own personal use, the Pack Smart Table has been designed and manufactured to withstand the trials and tribulations of performing "under fire" night after night, performance after performance.


Table Top:

14” long (35.5 cm)

9 3/4” wide (24.76 cm)

1/2” thick (1.27 cm)

Tripod In Closed Position:

17 7/8” long (45.46 cm)

2 1/4” wide (5.71 cm)

Tripod In Open Position:

Height begins at 18” (45.72 cm)

to 55” high (139.7 cm)


Table top/sleeve/closeup mat/non-slip mat: 1 lbs. 1oz. (0.49 KG)

Tripod: 2 lbs. 1oz. (0.95 KG)



  • Ultra Thin 1/2” PVC Table Top Engraved With The Pack Smart Logo for Authenticity
  • Protective Neoprene Sleeve for Table Top PLUS Room For The Five Card Box and/or Celebrity Smart Ass Prediction Envelope
  • Adjustable Tripod with NEW Extendable Legs for Maximum Stability
  • Custom Close Up Pad
  • Custom No-Slip Pad


*Magic Props & Equipment featured in the photos & video are NOT included with the Pack Smart Table & Tripod.

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