Pick Your Poison by Erick Olson - AVAILABLE NOW!

Pick Your Poison by Erick Olson - AVAILABLE NOW!

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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While BAM is no longer producing this product, you don't need to miss out on Pick Your Poison Erick Olson - you can still purchase all of the components here: Barbetsandtricks.com

From the creator of Olson's Closer and the resident bar magician in his own home(!), Erick Olson has created a bet you CAN'T LOSE!!! Pick Your Poison is a self-contained MENTAL BAR BET with custom made props that DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!!!

The Effect: You remove three drink coasters from a smart looking snap case. Each coaster has a different drink printed on it; Beer, Whiskey and Wine. Left inside the case, and seen through the clear plastic front, is a $20 bill. Explain that you're going to get the spectator to choose one of the three drinks. You are SO confident that you already KNOW which drink they're going to pick you're willing to give them the $20 bill if you're wrong. But if you're right, then they have to buy you a drink. The spectator agrees to the wager and makes an  ABSOLUTELY FREE CHOICE  of one of the three drinks. You then reveal an indelible prediction left in full view from the very beginning that reveals their chosen drink!!!

Pick Your Poison is...

  • A totally free choice! No forcing involved.
  • Guaranteed that you will always be correct.
  • Easy and convenient to carry with you everywhere.
  • Comes complete with everything you need to perform (Even the $20 bill!) Can work with any currency.
  • Self contained and performable anytime, anywhere and without a moments notice.
  • A prediction that is in full view of the audience from the beginning.
  • So easy to learn you will be performing it almost as soon as you open the package.
  • Pick Your Poison can be presented as a fun bar bet or as a powerful demonstration of mind control!


Pick Your Poison Includes:

  • 3 Custom Printed Thick Gauge Drink Coasters
  • Custom Vinyl Snap Case
  • Custom Printed $20 Bill in USD (Real movie prop currency.)*
  • Streamable & Downloadable Video with Multiple Performances, Tutorial from Erick Olson and Numerous Routine Ideas, Additions, BONUS Kickers and a SECRET HIDDEN effect built into the props!

*You can use a bill of any currency and are not limited to the provided U.S. $20

Pick Your Poison is great for strolling gigs, formal close up shows and of course - behind the bar!