Octopus Unleashed

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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Octopus Unleashed 

*Plus The World’s Fastest Card Trick with Video Instruction Package


The Octopus Unleashed is a complete reworking of Bill Abbott’s original GROUND BREAKING Octopus Deck. The deck used in the last miracle is removed from the card box, and while walking amongst the audience, you have EIGHT different spectators open the deck at any place, peek at and remember a random card. Without any pumping, questions, card controls, marked cards, or sleight of hand, you begin revealing specific details about each and every selected card! You get guaranteed positive hit after hit from each and every participant! Then, with sniper-like precision, you name each of the eight cards, pointing at several spectators directly and naming their thought of card, garnering the spectacular audience response that only REAL mind reading could scare up.


*Forget what you know about traditional peek decks, tossed out decks, or any deck currently or historically available, or known. The Octopus Unleashed is unlike any other.

**The specially printed and assembled Octopus Unleashed decks are not available anywhere else.


Octopus Unleashed Pro Pack Comes Complete with:

  • Instructional Video (instantly available to stream and/or download)
  • World's Fastest Card Trick Performance & Video Instructions (the perfect lead into the Octopus Unleashed)
  • Limited edition specially printed & assembled red-backed Octopus Unleashed Deck, unavailable anywhere else.


Be Aware! Octopus Unleashed is part of the complete 30 min. Pack Smart Play Anywhere SUPERNATURAL Show. Click HERE to get all the details and see the promo video.

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