Custom Axtell Animatronic Toucan

Custom Axtell Animatronic Toucan

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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We are selling a beautiful custom one-of-a-kind Axtell Animatronic Toucan. This hands-free toucan was custom made for a permanent installation, that was never used and is no longer needed. It can be mounted to any ceiling, or portable frame or enclosure. The hoop ceiling mount is the first of it’s kind manufactured by Steve Axtell.  All videos below show everything in detail.

Includes the EZ Live System for super-easy animation with a small key fob remote combined with AUTO ALIVE addition so the bird is in constant realistic movement in-between talking and interacting.

It’s also fully programmable. Program your own routines on the Netbook computer included. The Magic2 Console is the powerful hi tech solution where you can record your own voices in any language, then record/program the movement of the character and synch them together into a MagicTrax mp3. The Magic2 Animation Console is your programming engine. Any song writing or recording, programming or animation is non-exclusive unless exclusive rights are purchased.

See more information from Axtell here, Link To Basic Toucan Animatronic Info

System Includes:

HANDS-FREE MAGIC2 "TOCA" TOUCAN Toucan Character in custom coloring
Custom Performance Ceiling Mountable Hoop Stand with plug in power. (wire hidden inside hoop)
Netbook Computer for Programming & Playback                                                                           Magic Box Animation Console
FOB for controlling Magic Box & Netbook
Transmitter Radio for Live control and programming
2 AC Adapters for Character, Magic Box
3 Battery Chargers for Character, Netbook & Transmitter Cables                                                  (1 Stereo, 2 Mono, 1 USB, 1 Y-adapter) 

See All The Custom Details of this Package HERE:

Custom Toucan Mechanics Video

Toucan Animated & Talking Demonstration

Toucan Set-Up Video

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