Card On Ceiling Wax - Blue & Red Tin Set by Prop Dog

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The PropDog Card on Ceiling Wax has been specially formulated in conjunction with a dedicated wax manufacturing company to be of the perfect consistency for this trick.  It's not so sticky that it leaves a sticky residue on your fingers, but sticks perfectly to ceilings and walls and means you can use smaller amounts, giving you more performances per tub.
The color has also been carefully selected to match Bicycle Card Blue & Red Backs.  The colourant is wax based, so will not stain the ceiling.
Each of these 50g tins of wax will give you enough wax for approximately 300 performances each.
The Blue wax has been used for a couple performances, as seen in the photo.
* Please note that these tins only contain Card on Ceiling wax and they do not come with a routine or instructions on how to perform the effect.