Double Blank Super-Size Smart Ass Deck

Bill Abbott Magic Exclusive

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The Double Blank SUPER-sized Smart Ass deck that is completely customizable and plays in any LARGE venue! 


“Three years ago I began a run of my one man show Every Trick In The Book at the Dave & Busters showroom here in Toronto. I was faced with performing 4 shows a week in a large performing venue and came to the conclusion that the poker-sized Smart Ass deck I was using was not visually reaching the back of  the room. 

So I put together a special sized deck for my own personal use that would still fit in a jacket pocket but would make the text on the faces of the cards play to the back of the room. I also needed the cards to be durable and after hundreds of shows - I’m still using the same deck!.

Although I use it exclusively for Celebrity Smart Ass the fully customizable deck can be used to force literally ANYTHING written on the cards. So if you’re looking for a bulletproof force that can be used in larger-sized venues than the Super Size Smart Ass deck is the answer for you. - Bill Abbott


Double Blank Super Size Smart Ass Deck Details

-Complete 54 Card Deck

-5.75” Long X 3.5” Wide (14.6cm x 8.9cm) 50% bigger than Standard Poker-size Card

-Premium Linen Finish for easy handling

-Blank white back and blank white faces for complete customization

-Hand Assembled and Manufactured with the Smart Ass method.

-Downloadable PDF Customize Your Smart Ass Book

*Please Note: This package does not include the Celebrity Pictures or DVD instructions. Only the deck.