5 Card Opener Replacement Thin Parlour Card Set

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The Card Shark Parlour Size Double-Decker Cards are SUPER-thin & completely deceptive at close quarters. They are perfect for your Mini Five Card Box which is handmade and assembled to exact specifications to accommodate this card set. 

"The Five Card Opener gets the audience’s attention. The Five Card Opener holds their attention. The Five Card Opener amazes. The Five Card Opener entertains. In addition to all this the Five Card Opener will work for any audience. Corporate shows, family shows, college shows, etc. The Five Card Opener can be a whole new way to make your show fun!  if you have opposable thumbs (which means you're not a monkey!) you can perform The Five Card Opener.” - Bill Abbott

This Thin Parlour Card Replacement Set is for performers who already perform the 5 Card Opener, 5 Card Box and/or the 5 Card Suit. It includes the handmade gimmicked Thin Parlour Size Playing Cards for audiences from 1-50.