The Tim Hannig Interview

"We sat down after one of Tim Hannig's ProKids Shows in Chicago to talk about his unique brand of performing and experienced approach to children and family shows. We chatted about the special family show experience and how he develops dynamic audience engagement, the importance of puppets, making incredible first impressions, keeping things fresh and making lasting connections with your audience. If you perform for children or families Tim's thoughts will be thought-provoking and inspiring." -Bill Abbott

Tim Hannig is a magician, actor, comedian, singer, puppeteer, speaker & motivator. Tim Hannig is one of America’s finest family entertainers, having performed for Six Flags Theme Parks, The Country Music Association, and twice at The White House. Over 2 million people have experienced Tim’s shows across 43 states, Canada and the UK. He is most well known for his work in schools, where he presents The Pro-Kids Assembly and Family Night Show.

Tim's recent book entitled, Perform! has been written for performers of all kinds and is filled with strategies and advice from over 30 years of full-time performing in theme parks, schools, churches, corporate and private events.

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