The Secret

There is nothing that makes the road to being a better performer easier. Nothing you can buy. No lecture you can attend. No workshop. No tactics, gimmicks or a slicker promo package. There is really only one way to better yourself as a performer, develop your onstage persona and learn how to connect with an audience. And that is...just work. I wish I could hold a convention where aspiring performers would come so I could have the one and only lecture where I would reveal the secret to being the best you can be. The lecture would have one powerpoint slide that would say JUST WORK, and then I would send everybody home. Everybody wants to know if there is a secret formula to get around all the work involved in developing an act, being a better performer, etc. There is none. Just work.


  • … its the best advice you can give and get. Point final.
    Thank you Bill

    Hans Dillenberg
  • Man, do you hit the nail tight on the head here! Fourteen years on the street attempting a 40 minute show for people that are walking by. I learned more in that venue than I had in the previous twenty years a doing magic. Your crowds would be a mixture of all kinds of folks, all kinds of challenges and you had to learn to roll with it. Use what works great, use stuff that had a good story to get them involved and interested. Over the years I had folks who always vacationed here and they came back looking for me. As you say Bill, the secret is work, work, work!

    Jack Shea

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