The Rune Klan Interview (Strong Language)


"Rune and I met in the UK at the Session Convention and got to chat about his very unique approach to comedy, magic, performing and life. We chatted about how Rune creates his theatre shows, his passion for openers, his secrets to connecting with an audience, his reputation for being very "loose" onstage, how he draws from life experiences to influence his work and the importance of mentors and friends to him. Occasionally you will hear the voices of Jay Sankey and John Archer who were also in the room." -Bill Abbott

Rune Klan

Rune Klan, is a well-known Danish comedian and magician. He has been a magician since 1987 and has lived in the Middle East, and Canada and has toured in the U.S. teaching and performing magic. Rune has released instructional material for magicians and the book Rune's World by Joshua Jay, published by Vanishing Inc. is a highly praised compilation of his work. In 2008 he was awarded the Tribini Prize by Bakken, for "his extraordinary ability to combine stand-up comedy with magic (...) and has managed to renew traditional entertainment, and also being able to convey it to the younger generation"


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  • Solid advice that I have not really heard before.
    You are sparking ideas within me.
    My treat for a beer and a burger if you come to Littleton Ma.
    Steph :D

    Stephanie Beach
  • I just wanted to state (again) how wonderful it is to see and hear these one-on-one informative interview. I’m getting to hear from some great magicians that I would never have been able to see. I loved listening to Rune’s way of seeing things. Very insightful! Thanks.

    Mark Piazza
  • Such a wonderful interview – great topics and he’a so relaxed it’s like hearing him free associate. Gotta say the theme of “Losing Your Audience” is a little too prophetic…

    Tanya Solomon
  • The dream show interviews are very enjoyable. Short, relevant and they allow us to see the person behind the personality. Love seeing Runes enjoyment of spontaneity and openers. Thank you

    Bill Irwin
  • A lovely interwiew of my favorite magician . Rune (In my mind) allways have a meaning in what he do and I love that kind off comedy and magic . Seen Runes latest preformences " Barnløs" and “Håpefuld”
    “Childless” & “Hopeful” . MEGA SHOWS !!!!!!!.

    Ray Speedy

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