The Quentin Reynolds Interview


"We sat down in Quentin’s Manchester home to talk performing and his unique and experienced approach to children’s magic and stand-up mentalism for adults. We chatted about how to develop an A-list repertoire, show structure for children’s shows and adult mentalism shows, eliminating barriers, his creation of the mouse routine, taking control of unruly kids and adult hecklers, creating theatrical contrasts, finding premises and the power of puppets. If you perform for children or adults the things Quentin shares will surprise and enlighten you." -Bill Abbott

Quentin Reynolds has been a professional magician for over thirty-five years. Accomplished in children’s magic, cabaret magic, mentalism and close-up, Quentin is one of the UK’s busiest and most well-rounded professional magicians and mentalists. An expert at performing at children’s parties, corporate events,  and on the largest of stages.

His initial expertise was in children's shows, where he is known by magicians around the world for his brilliant approach to this genre of magic. In the past several years he has also mastered both close-up walk-around magic and stand-up mentalism shows, which he spices everything up with witty British humor.


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  • What a wonderful chat! Hopefully a lot of people are listening to this. Quentin is a long-time friend and a such a pro. Thank you for sharing this solid gold advice Quentin and Bill!

    Jeff Evason
  • I absolutely loved that, I’m
    A kids magician/entertainer, but you spoke more like a musician (my first love) like a conductor wreaking through. I found that very inspirational as magic is my 3rd artform

  • Listen to this over and over and over again. Then apply it!

    David Bishop
  • I have known Quentin for over thirty years. His performing experience and knowledge of magic is vast. Loads of solid information & advice for people of all levels in this great interview.

    Pat Fallon

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