The Paul Kozak Interview (Strong Language)

"I interviewed Koz in his home in Atlantic City after attending his show at the Tropicana. He has since relocated to Hawaii and continues to do nightly shows in his new venue Kozy's Tiki Palace. We covered a number of topics here including ego and the audience, how to become a real magician, being hungry for stage time, Kozak's closer, transitions, scripting and improv, self-review and editing and much more." -Bill Abbott


Over the years, Kozak has become known internationally for his high level of technical skill infused with crackling energy and an unbelievable talent for making people laugh – all of which has combined to make him one of the highest – paid and most sought – after entertainers in the world today.

From his humble beginning as a street performer in his hometown of Pittsburgh Pa to the World stage of the famous Palladium Theater in London starring in a Command Performance for Prince Charles and Princes Diana, to many appearances on national and global television specials serve as records and testimonials of his ability to entertain audiences everywhere!

Kozak is a truly multi-faceted entertainer having been a Headliner for years in Comedy Clubs with robust, cynical audiences to the top Casinos with their sophisticated, discerning crowds. From Corporate Business Functions as an entertainer and or Motivational Speaker to Family shows featuring Family Values with an Inspirational Message. When asked what his most valuable asset is Kozak responds “Creative Versatility”!

“Kozy” has made The Big Island his permanent home for 4 years now and has created a beautiful club to perform in, on the world class Mauna Lani Resort.

The Show is a perfect blend of Kozy’s personal Original Magic and Comedy,
combined with the Unique Magic of Hawaii, presented with the True Spirit of Aloha!

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  • Well done! I appreciate the “layers” in what Kozak shared. There are some golden nuggets on the surface, and some precious gems if you take the time to meditate on what he was saying, process it and then start the journey of applying it. Some wisdom that transcends the art of magic and truly represents the art of living. Thank you for sharing this moment.

    Gary Barker
  • Perception is stronger than deception. I will say that again but L O U D E R !!!! PERCEPTION IS STRONGER THAN DECEPTION. We all need to imagine you are your audience. I always suggest to my fellow entertainers (magicians, singers, comedians, ect.) to sell yourself. Video and record your shows and watch them as a spectator to see if you are DOING IT ???? The = IT = is being self-consumed and entertain yourself. Paul highlights very directly the WHY. Once we as performers can relate to the WHY, we can then create the magic that is for the voice of OUR audience. Magic is made in mystery filled with wonder and respect for those who allow us the privilege to perform FOR THEM, not me. Thanks, Paul and Bill for remembering the magic words “THEM”

    Dr. Anton Nova
  • The very first thing that Paul touches on is the core belief I base my performances on. It’s about Them, not about You. I’ve always said that there are two types of Magicians, the ones whose show screams “Look at Me!” and the ones whose show says “Look at Us!” Our job is to Entertain people and to truly do that, you have to connect to them, make them feel like a part of the experience. Great interview!

    Hank Morfin

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