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“Comedian, writer,  magician and comedy club owner David Acer talks with me about topics relevant to both the comedy and magic worlds and how they connect. Topics including; knowing who you are, the journey from magic to stand-up, writing original comedy material, openers, transitions and closers, theft and being an interchangeable performer and criteria for material. David gives us a LOT to think about in how we approach our magic, our writing and bringing who we are to our performances.” -Bill Abbott


David Acer

David Acer is a Canadian author, stand-up comedian, magician, inventor of magic tricks, and co-host/co-writer of the syndicated television series Mystery Hunters.

His writing on Mystery Hunters earned him two Gemini Awards nominations (the Canadian equivalent of the Emmys) for Best Writing in a Children's Non-Fiction series (2005 and 2007), and he wrote a book based on his segments on the series called "Gotcha! 18 Amazing Ways to Freak Out Your Friends," published by Kids Can Press in 2008.

"Gotcha!" was a Canadian best-seller and was nominated for two children's book awards, a Willow Award and a Hackmatack Children's Choice Award, and won the Hackmatack award in 2008/2009.

David, a native of Montreal, has also written for other Canadian television shows such as Popular Mechanics For Kids YTV's Prank Patrol and TVO's Finding Stuff Out.

Acer's career as a stand-up comedian began in 1989. By then, he was a recognized close-up magician and inventor of magic tricks, and had published original sleight-of-hand effects in a multitude of trade magazines. But stand-up comedy evolved as a separate career, with little to no overlap in terms of content. As a stand-up comedian, David has appeared on Canadian television shows such as CBC's Just For Laughs, The Comedy Network's Just For Laughs: The Lost Tapes, CTV's Comedy Now, Comedy At Club 54, and in the U.S. on A&E's Comedy on the Road and ABC's America’s Funniest People.  In 2013 he won his first national (comedic) debate on CBC radio's popular series, The Debaters.

As a close-up magician he has lectured around the world on his original tricks and authored four books. His latest, "More Power To You", was published in 2011 by Hermetic Press (Seattle, WA), and has since been translated into French and published by Marchand de Trucs as "Anthologie: David Acer".[7] David also appeared on the cover of the October 2010 issue of the American magic periodical Genii Magazine and has performed his original magic on Discovery's Grand Illusions, in England on Sky One's The Secret World of Magic, and in Japan on NHK's F.I.S.M. 2000.


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  • Wonderfully insightful and inspiring interview. Thank you David, and Bill!

  • Some of the sharpest advice I’ve heard not just about being a magician but about being an entertainer, finding who you are on stage and why.

    Paul Preager
  • A serious interview with a professional funny guy. Great idea. “The transitions in your show should be about yourself as a person.” What a brilliant observation and solution to the problem that many magicians do not realize exist’s.

    Gregg Lancaster Magic and Merlot April 7, 2020

    Gregg Lancaster
  • Fantastic interview and great perspectives from David

    Bill Irwin
  • A GREAT interview with David Acer. Valuable information for the performer. Well done.

    Dick Joiner

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