Take time. Give it time. Enjoy your time.

Take time selecting effects to include in your show. To build a solid show it must have a foundation that is built around you, the audiences you perform for and the typical environments you perform in. This selection process takes time. Sometimes a lifetime.
After years of trial and error, work-shopping and multiple performances my show is still a constant work in progress. It can be frequently frustrating to invest time and energy into some routines or scripts only to find that the effect doesn't fit me or work for my audiences. A great show is never created overnight. Give it time.
The real secret to longevity, success and fulfillment as a performer is to enjoy the process. A very small percentage of our time is actually on stage in front of audiences. Most of it is spent trying to land the gig to get on that stage or putting in the time to make that 45 minutes the best it can be. Learn how to enjoy your time in all these things. This is what being a performer is all about.

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