It's a lot about style.

The WAY you deliver and sell your magic to your audience is much more important than WHAT it is you actually do. .  Professor Albert Mehrabian carried out some investigative research several years ago, to find out which factors most influence an audience during a presentation or performance.  This research showed that most of what an audience remembers are things they have seen. The next important factor is the tone of voice used by the performer and the least influential factor is the actual content of the show or presentation.  According to Mehrabian's study the ratios are as follows; visual impact 55%, tone of voice 38%, and script and content 7%. It's not that content isn't important, but if you fail to get the visual side of it (body language, use of props, blocking and volunteer management) right and then compound that failure by not sounding right, then the content won't matter at all.

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